The Hirer - Driver needs to prodvide original documents in order for Cooke Bros to present your details to our insurers to qualify you for the Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover. 

Full UK Driving Licence

Valid photo card licence must be produced at the time of rental and must remain valid for the duration of the rental.

The old style pink paper licence is still accepted should you not have the current photo licence.

DVLA Codes

DVLA Codes are generated by going to Google and logging into  www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence, Enter your Driver number Example Mr A Cooke Licence number cooke709142a99bd your National Insurance number nm123458c and your post code as it appears on your licence M46 0RF. Select share your details tab. This will generate your unique code such as 2DZimnp, This code is case sensative so copy the code as it appears or it will be rejected by the DVLA system.

If you have any difficulties with this process please bring your National Insurance number with you when collecting your vehicle and we will assist you.

Address Verification

Please provide original documents Two proofs of your current address which should be dated within the last two months and confirms your licence address. Your Drivers licence should always display your current address as it carries a £1000.00 fine for not displaying the correct current address. The identification can be Utility bills, Bank statements, Credit/Debit card bills or Current Motor Insurance policy and Log Book V5 for your car. If unsure please contact us on 01942 874122 or 0161 474 0567 info@cookebros.co.uk

Payments & Deposits

The deposit and rental MUST be paid on a credit card or debit card which is refundable on safe return of your hire vehicle undamged and clean.

Please note that if the hirer is not the cardholder, the cardholder must be present at the time of hire and will be required to produce photographic ID. The cardholder will then become the guarantor and is financially responsible for any charges incurred and the Insurance excess in the event of any accident.

You have to be over 25 years of age and must have held your full UK driving licence for a minimum of two years with no accidents, endorsements or disqualifiactions.

Please note that 23 – 24 year olds can be accommodated subject to insurance approval – please contact either of our rental offices on 01942 874 122 or 0161 474 0567 to clarify.

All young drivers will pay an additional daily premium plus a £25.00 administartion fee and this takes 24 hours for authorization.

Drivers over 70 years of age are also subject to insurance approval and will pay an additional premium plus a £25.00 administration fee and this takes 24 hours for authorization.

You may provide your own Fully Comprehensive cover which needs to include rental vehicle cover this will need approval from our insurers.

At Cooke Bros all our prices are guaranteed on reservation and inclusive which includes VAT @ 20%, Fully comprehensive insurance cover for one driver and all passengers, National 24 hour breakdown and roadside repair cover by the national organizations AA or RAC, Replacement vehicle in the event of any mechanical problems, warranty issues or breakdown. Replacement tyres in the event of fair wear and tear. Tyre punctures or blow outs are the responsability of the hirer.

The hirer is responsible for Vehicle keys, ADBlue, Oil, water, Tyres punctures or blow outs, Windscreens chips, cracks or replacements.

Daily rental hires have a mileage allowance of 100 miles per day or 500 miles per week. Excess mileage charges apply there after 25p + Vat Per mile..

Please enquire at our rental offices on 0161 474 0567 or 01942 874 122 info@cookebros.co.uk



The Deposit which is a refundable deposit of £250.00 and should not be confused with the Insurance excess. They are totally not related at all a lot of people believe that the deposit is their excess or liability.

Should you have an accident or cause damage to the vehicle the applicable excess will apply. Please ask your rental agent to clarify what your deposit and excess are prior to rental.

The refundable deposit is £250.00 and must be paid with a credit card or debit card on all and every rental, this is part of the terms and conditons set by our insurers.

A higher deposit may be charged if your driving history does not fall within our normal terms of No accidents, endorsements or disqualifications

The deposit is refundable subject to the clean and safe return of the vehicle without any internal or external damage or excess mileage.

The insurance excess on all of our vehicles is £750.00. This can be reduced to as low as £500.00 by paying the applicable rate of Collision Damage Waiver. This cover is subject to insurers approval for each individual driver.

If your driving history does not fall within our insurers normal terms and conditions, an additional insurance premium and higher insurance excess may be applied. In these cases you are advised of your options and free to choose the most favourable option for yourself.

The Insurance excess is payable on each and every accident or incident where damage to either our vehicles or 3rd party vehicles, property or persons is caused or alleged.



Yes you can provide your own Fully Comprehensive insurance. The insurance does have to be Fully Comprehensive cover and must cover rental vehicles and the use you want the vehicle for along with all drivers and passengers. A current valid copy of the policy must be produced prior to the time of rental. As this will require approval by our insurers which takes a minimum of 48 Hours. You will be responsible for the appropriate excess that applies to your policy.



Under the new DVLA regulations the counterpart of the licence is now void and invalid so not accepted. The new driver reference procedure must be followed. Go to Google and  Log on to www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence, enter your driver licence number, your National Insurance number and the post code as it appears on your driving licence. You then select the ‘share your details’ tab this is where you will find your unique code. Please print or copy this code and bring it with you – please note that your unique code is case sensitive.

The Old Pink paper UK drivers licence is still valid and accepted.

If you have any difficulties with this process please bring your National Insurance number with you when collecting your vehicle and we will assist you completing the process.

Depending on the conviction date and what the endorsement or convictions were for. Certain endorsement, convictions or disqualifications we will not be able to cover. If you have any endorsements at all contact us on 0161 474 0567 or 01942 874 122 or email us at: info@cookebros.co.uk to make sure we will be able to provide the appropriate insurance cover. Alernatively you may be able to provide your own Fully Comprehensive insurance cover which must cover rental vehicles.

All fines or fixed penalties are the hirer’s total responsibility. Any fines received by Cooke Bros will be transferred into the hirers name and an administration fee will be charged at £36.00 for each and every fine or fixed penalty charge notice received. The isssuing authority will be given your details and will the forward the penalty charge direct tp you.

Yes an additional driver can be added they will have to be approved by Cooke Bros insurers. They must provide all original documents. Drivers licence, DVLA code and two current forms of Identification such as utility bills or bank statements, Any additional driver will have to pay a surcharge subject to the insurers terms and conditions and approval. All drivers are vetted and approved in the same way and have to adhere to the insurers terms and conditions. Each driver is responsible individually for any excesses for each and every accident or incident that results in damage, loss, injury or claim.


No unfortunately not. Any damage to the windscreens, windows, tyres and wheels, Keys, oil and water are the hirer’s total and sole responsibility. We do cover tyres for fair wear and tear. But if you have a puncture or blow out you must get the tryre replaced or repaired at your own cost.

Our rental desks are open from 08:00 am – 17:30 pm Monday to Friday and 09:00 am – 13:30 pm Saturday. We are closed every Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Any car or van rental cannot be returned or left outside of these hours under any circumstances.

Any vehicle left remains on hire and is the hirers responsability for any loss, damage, vandalism or theft.

Should hirer leave the keys with the vehicle the insurance cover is invoid and the hirer will be liabile for the total cost of the vehicle.

We do offer a courtesy pick up and drop off service. We will happily pick you up from your home, office address, Manchseter Airport, Liverpool Airport (Airport charges are the responsability of the hirer), and local railway or bus stations. Then bring you to our rental office to complete all necessary paperwork and at the end of your car or van rental we will happily drop you off once again.

No Unfortunately we do not allow any out off hours returns under any circumstances, all vehicles cars or vans must be returned during office hours so they can be inspected with yourself and your refundable deposit refunded back. Should anyone ignore this you will lose your deposit and any additional damage or shortages will be charged to your credit or debit card.

Cooke Bros do not accept cash. You can only pay by Credit card or Debit card for any vehicle rental charges We no longer under any circumstances take cash for car or van rental, The refundable deposit as with all rental companies MUST ALWAYS be paid on a credit card or debit card  on every vehicle rental. this is one of the terms and conditions from our insurers with no exception at all. Other rental companies insist that the refundable deposit of £1500.00 and rental must be paid on credit card only.

Please call our rental office on 0161 474 0567 or Atherton on 01942 874 122 or email us at info@cookebros.co.uk. We will confirm if you are unsure about anything at all about Cooke Bros rental terms and conditions or vehicle availability.

When you collect your vehicle you will be given the appropriate Roadside service contact number, to call in the event of a breakdown or a fault arising. We are also obviously available within office hours on 0161 474 0567 and  01942 874 122 or info@cookebros.co.uk to assist with any problems you may encounter. Each manufacturer is covered by different roadside services. Our current rental fleet is covered by: Fiat AA 00800 3428 0000 - Ford AA 0203 584 4444 - Vauxhall RAC 0800 553 388 - Toyota AA 0800 246 824 - Hyundai RAC 0800 980 2733 - Renault assist 0800 085 8000 - Volkswagen VW Assist 0800 777 192 - Nissan AA 0330 123 1231 - Peugeot Assist 0800 294 0294 Plesae contact our rental offices if you have any quieries on 01942 874 122 or 0161 474 0567 or info@cookebros.co.uk. You will be assisted Roadside to diagnose the problem and establish the best way to resolve the problem, if the problem can be fixed Roadside this will be done by your patrol. If the vehicle requires further attention or investigation by the manufacturer. They will need to order a recovery vehicle and you will be transported back to our rental office and a replacement vehicle will be provided for your onward journey.

Yes you can hire from Cooke Bros car hire. You must be staying at a local contactable address and be able to produce two local proofs of identification from the local address. Identifications need to be such things as Utility bills, Bank statements etc as a local contact we require a contact telephone number. The identification needs to be in the property owners name.

Each manufactuer has it;s own roadside assistance service which cover vehicles within a warranty period thesCooke Brose are -

Cooke Bros Fiat abarth roadside assistance contact number uk 00800 3428 000 http://www.abarthcars.co.uk

Cooke Bros Alfa romeo roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 870 713  http://www.alfaromeo.co.uk -

Cooker Bros Aston martin roadside assistance contact number uk 0888 592 7866 http://www.astonmartin.com -

Cooke Bros  Audi roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 699 999 http://www.audi.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Bentley roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 316 1333 http://www.bentleymotors.com -

Cooke Bros Bmw roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 111 http://www.bmw.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Citroen roadside assistance contact number uk 08000 727 272 http://www.citroen.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Dacia roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 051 2251 http://www.dacia.co.uk -

Cooke Bros DS roadside assistance contact number uk 00800 2424 0707 http://www.dsautomobiles.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Ferrari roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 358 8550 http://www.ferrari.com -

Cooke Bros Fiat roadside assistance contact number uk 00800 3428 0000 http://www.fiat.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Ford roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 111 234 / 0203 564 4444 http://www.ford.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Honda roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 521 728 http://www.honda.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Hyundai roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 980 2733 http://www.hyundai.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Infiniti roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 662 6200 http://www.infiniti.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Jaguar roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 246 844 http://www.jaguar.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Jeep roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 521 2779 http://www.jeep.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Kia roadside assistance contcat number uk 0333 202 1827 http://www.kia.com -

Cooke Bros Land rover roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 521 786 http://www.landrover.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Lexus roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 255 3987 http://www.lexus.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Mazda roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 179 http://www.mazda.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Mercedes roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 1777 7777 http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk -

Cooke Bros MG motor UK roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 072 3338 http://mg.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Mini roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 101 http://www.mini.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Mitsubishi roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 587 9833 http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Nissan roadside assistance contact number uk 0330 123 1231 http://www.nissan.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Peugeot rodside assistance contact number uk 0800 294 0294 http://www.peugeot.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Porsche roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 123 http://www.porsche.com -

Cooke Bros Renault roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 085 8005 http://www.renault.co.uk -

Cooke Bros SEAT roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 262 622 http://www.seat.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Skoda roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 526 625 / 0330 100 3243 http://www.skoda.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Smart roadside assistance number 00800 2777 7777 http://www.smart.com -

Cooke Bros Suburu roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 1270 http://www.subaru.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Suzuki roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 107 1155 http://www.suzuki.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Tesla roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 756 9960 http://www.tesla.com -

Cooke Bros Toyota roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 246 824 http://www.toyota.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Vauxhall roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 553 388 http://www.vauxhall.co.uk -

Cooke Bros Volkswagen roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 192 http://www.volkswagen.co.u -

Cooke Bros Volvo roadside assistance contact number uk 0800 777 176 http://www.volvocars.com  

If you require any further inofmation please contact our car rental office 0161 474 0567 or 01942 8741 122

If you get a flat tyre each hire vehicle comes supplied with a jack and wheel brace also a spare tyre or an inflator kit, If you have any difficulty please use the provided Roadside assistance cover and within office hours you can call our office on 01942 874 122 or 0161 474 0567. Tyres are the hirers responsability for punctures, blow outs or side wall damage, Cooke Bros are responsible for fair wear and tear also replacing worn out tyres. To replace any tyres here are some of the national companies for assistance ATS Euromater 0800 505 505 - National Tyres 0808 231 0732 - Kwik Fit 0800 222 11 there services are chargeable. Other local companies and services are available and may be as competative plesae check on www.yell.com or www.google.com for local services.

If you get a stone chip or damaged windscreen or window glass this will be your total responsability depending on the serverity it may be repaired or may need a replacement windscreen, If you need any assistance please use your dedicated Roadside assistance or call our rental offices on 01942 874 122 - 0161 474 0567 or info@cookebros.co.uk. Here are some of the nationwide windscreen companies that could assist these services are chargeable National Windscreens 0800 955 0108 - Auto Windscreens 0800 999 5000 - Auto Glass 0333 999 0100 there are other local companies in the local area that may be as competative log onto  www.google.com or www.yell.com and enter windscreen supplies in local area.

If you damage the vehicle, the damage will be estimated and you will be advised of the costs involved, we are happy at that point for youi to obtain your own estimates if you so wish. Your deposit will be held and the appropriate excess will be charged. Whilst the vehicle is being repaired you will remain responsible for the daily hire charges. Once the vehicle is repaired and roadworthy you will be required to pay any outstanding charges. Should the repair come under the excess amount the balance will be refunded to your Debit card or Credit card.


If you have an accident regardles of circumstances YOU DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY AS IT IS ONLY THE INSURERS WHO CAN ACCEPT OR DECLINE LIABILITY. If you choose to accept liability you are breaching the terms and conditions of your insurance cover and you take the risk of possibly having your insurance cover revoked and all charges will remain yours.

Do not panic make sure that everyone in the vehicle are fine and not injured or hurt, if any injuries call the emergency services ambulance and police on 999 you are not allowed to leave the scene of accident without exchanging details. The details are Owners are Cooke Bros Ltd North Road Atherton M46 0RF TEl: 01942 874 122 and your name and vehicle registration.

If everyone iin the vehicle are fine call our offices on 01942 874 122 or 0161 474 0567 or info@cookebros.co.uk if out of office hours use the Roadside assistance cover provide if the vehicle needs attention or cannot be driven.

Take pictures of the damage to both vehicles and any occupants in the other vehicle and email them to info@cookebros.co.uk from the scene of the accident, take the Registration number, name, address, contact telephone number of the driver in the other vehicle.

If there are any witnesses please take there name, address, registration number and telephone number, 

Always call the police if there any injuries or you are not happy about the situation or circumtances of the accident.

You will need to contact our office at the earliest opportunity.

Cooke Bros will offer to any 3rd party without prejudice complete repair of any damage and courtesy car whilst repairs are undertaken.

You will have to come into our office to complete an accident report form and the damage to be estimated at the earliest point possible.




 The enquiry form is used just for enquiries and is not a reservation confirmation, we will send you all requested information regaring your enquiry via email and request your approval to reserve a vehicle. You are then free to reserve or not to reserve a vehicle at will.

We will only ever take your details when you are happy that Cooke Bros have provided the most competative quote and are able to provide the right vehicle for your requirements.

 In the case of a vehicle not being available or not returning on time for your rental, we will endevour to provide an equivalent vehicle or free upgrade where possible. Cooke Bros commits to every reservation and endevours to honour each and every reservation.



One day rentals are available Monday to Friday and covers a full 24 hours,

The time you collect the vehicle is the time you will return the vehicle the following day.

 It is important to collect the vehicle at the agreed time and return at the agreed time.

Late collection or return can impact on the next hirer who could be on a tight deadline such as a house move, interview or medical appointment.

Yes you can still hire a car or van with the old pink paper license this is still accepted and we will still require the DVLA code.

Cooke Bros operate an empty to empty policy.

When you collect your hire vehicle you are shown the fuel level and agree the amount that it should be returned with.

Whilst on hire you refuel the vehicle enough to cover your own usage so the vehicle retruns with the same amount of fuel as when you first took out the rental vehicle.

If you have been living in the UK more than 12 Months you should Take a driving test to gain a Full UK Licence.

We will not accept a Non UK licence should you have been living in the UK for more than 12 months

Under no circumstances can we accept anything other than the original licence.

We can not accept photo copies, Scans, License number, Old counter part or copy off phone original license only.

All drivers are required to have held a Full unendorsed License for a minimum of 2 Years to qualify for our insurance cover.

This allows you to hire a vehicle at the standard excess of £750.00

Any accidents, endorsement or disqualifications will effect this excess amount and additional premiums will have to be paid.

Yes you do have to check on a regular daily basis oil, water, tyres and AdBlue.

If any of these are low they will need topping up or refilling.

They are all classed as consumables and are the hirers responsability whilst on hire.

Yes AdBlue is an essentail consumable to the smooth running of the vehicle just as essential as engine oil.

This must be kept topped up as if it runs out it can effct the engine and some vehicles will not restart. Any charges resulting in an Adblue problem is nthe hirers responsability.

The typical useage of AdBlue is aprox 85 miles per litre as a guideline.

AdBlue is now readily avai;lable from most fuel stations, supermarkets and parts stores 

Cooke Bros will always price match any like for like vehicle rental on production of a written quote.